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This service decodes datamatrices only, not other symbologies of matrix codes.
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Reading barcodes can be easy with modern multi-megapixel smartphones, but if you don't have one, and really anxious about what it says, this little tool might help you out. Internally, it's built on libdmtx, which is, as the name states, a dedicated Datamatrix software, what means no QR Codes, PDF 417, or any other symbologies will be recognized. There's plenty of web services out there that will let you do that. ZXing, for example, provides similar functionality. I was curious mainly to compare their effeciency. Deutsche Post decoding thanks to this guy.
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A data matrix needs its quiet zone, that is, an empty margin around it. If your image doesn't have it, or it's too small, it may fail to decode.
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